Instructor Mark Davis

"There are numerous forms of yoga, from soft and tranquil to the tensile and acrobatic, but often their true purpose is lost.

The ancient yogis developed maps to the inner being and beyond using external postures (asana), breath (pranayama) and focus (dritsi) - but how you follow the map is vital. The external form is only truly useful when used as a tool to still the insubstantial mind, intensify internal awareness and reveal your true nature.

My main yoga practice is Ashtanga. Using its precise stream of postures, fluidly linked with focused timed breath and movement, the weak-mind can be squeezed out with the right intention. The heat of the breath and movement can purge ones body and reveal the spirit.

For the body there is great joy in the graceful fluid movement, energising and increasing the elasticity, and rejuvenating the whole. For the mind, focused awareness of the breath draws the mind to a vanishing point…."

Listen to a recent BBC Radio Cumbria interview with Mark and students discussing some of the benefits and challanges of yoga practice. Please note classes are currently being held at Atlas Works

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