Classes will be held Thursday evenings

Please contact the office on 01228 401018 for more information.

Only new courses in 2015

Free introductory evening with DAN RUSSELL.
Tuesday 15th September at 6.30pm.


Free introductory evening with DAN RUSSELL.
Thursday 17th September at 6.30pm

For details or to register for these evenings phone 01228 401018, or contact
(this will also be followed by a 1 month experiential training lead by DAN RUSSELL. all welcome, regardless of experience)

The fee for the course is £50 (though the first free session is of course free!)

Jan 2014 Goju Ryu Grading!

There will be a Goju Ryu grading at the end of January.... (Just in case you folks have forgot all about grading!!!)

Israel update:

Many thanks to all the students in Israel who contributed to making Dan's visit in December such a success. Dan says, without your efforts, NOTHING AT ALL would have happened. Well done!!! Thank you on behalf of all who benefited from your efforts. Click HERE to read more.

Israel Latest

Dan is returning to Israel in December 2013 to give more workshops in goju ryu, combat, taiji, trance healing & hypnotherapy. Students in Israel please contact Yoni, Amit or Joshua for more information.

We have set up a deepmind facebook page so it should be easier to interact and share news and details of these workshops.

Israel 2013

Dan travelled to Israel for two weeks in August 2013 and was so well received that he stayed for four weeks!!! He found there was such a strong response and so many requests for treatment and training that he is enthusiastic about returning later in the year.


Dan will be travelling to Israel again in mid November 2012 for two weeks where he will be conducting a series of workshops in Shamanic trance, hypnotherapy, martial arts and taiji. (Students in Israel: For more details, contact Yoni, Amit or Joshua)

September 2012 GOJO RYU NEWS

Shihan George Andrews visited Carlisle again early this summer. He is such a wonderful example of the superb gentleness and amazing power that is embodied in GojoRyu - which itself means “power and softness”. Sensei Dan and Shihan Andrews have been friends now for over 40 years (!) since they met in the Cambridge university Dojo whilst Dan was a student at Cambridge university. They come from such amazingly different backgrounds and approaches to life, but over all these years nothing has got in the way of their good faith, loyalty and love for each other.

Congratulations to Alex Keir on achieving 3rd Kyu (Brown belt) in the recent adult grading. Alex has been training with Dan since he was 7 years old (or thereabouts) and is going from strength to strength!

Congratulations also to Silver Stanford, Phil Sharp and Henry Wong who all did very well indeed.

Some results from the latest youth/kids grading... Congratulations on achieving the following:
9th Kyu - Ellie Ewart, Joseph and Sophie Abernethy, Harry McGough and Ryan Wong;
8th Kyu - Holly Lowes;
7th Kyu - Emily Lowes and Owen McCorry;
5th Kyu - intermediatory - Lauren and William Ewart;
4th Kyu - Reuben Russell and Robbie Ewart;

Spring/Summer 2012 Taiji News

Patrick Kelly, concerned by Dan’s seemingly devastating brain haemorrhage in February, decided to move his 4 day Taiji training from London up to Carlisle in early June. Dan was however well enough to enjoy it as much as anyone else apparently!! He’s gone to great lengths to make up for the time he spent in hospital and convalescing. More about Dan's continuing recovery here

The taiji training in August during Patrick’s 8 day London seminar was most enjoyable. Dan says he continues to be pleasantly surprised and impressed that, even though he has been training with Patrick for over 20 years now, he never fails to learn new and useful approaches to taiji in all of his classes.


there will be a week-end training in dansankan dojo with shihan (that means master!) george andrews.

this will be on 19th 20th and 21st of november 2010

we've been waiting a long time for a suitable week-end for sensei georges visit. i think he manifests a superb example of gojuryu. as well as being immensely powerful in martial arts he is also exquisitely gentle with children and beginners. in his life he also a superb example of the goju ryu ideal...he and his wife sue have dedicated their home to disadvantaged children and to date have fostered at least 25 children! i am constantly amazed to see how they freely give their time and skill in this way.

the training times are as follows:


5-7 open to youth and adults (not children)

saturday 10.00-2.00 for everyone.

10.00-11.00 children especially

sunday 10.00-2.00 everyone

10.00-11.00children and 2.00-2.30 grading

training fees

£50 adults for the weekend or £30 for 1 day

£25 youths for the weekend or £15 for 1 day

£20 children for the weekend or £12 for one day

your payment should be made to sensei dan or nick before the week-end.



8th july 2010

First of all - a big thank you to patrick for his patience in helping me with these websites. while hes in carlisle hes been showing me how to keep them current....fortunately as well as being THE no.1 TAI CHI teacher ,he's also a dab hand at sorting out computer problems and web well as being handy with a barbeque skewer and much more you can see from the next pic. anyway hes off to switzerland tomorrow with marianne and the twins. he'll be much missed...and meanwhile looking forward to todays training....his last for a while at the atlas works.

PATRICK (and family) IN CARLISLE---

june 2010

we've been fortunate in our new temporary carlisle might have been fortunate enough to bump into patrick at one of carlisles few sophisticated coffee shops...or even more fortunate to have been able to participate in the classes which patrick is conducting from time to time in the atlas works during his stay here.

these have been conducted in the byron about an hour and quarter at lunch times. while dan was in byron he enjoyed this format a lot so has initiated the same practise here in carlisle based roughly on patricks 'menu' of 1/2 hour form practise and 1/2 hours pushing hands followed by 15 minutes meditation...nothing strenuous so we can all get back to our normal daily lives, or work, calmer, relaxed and not dripping with sweat!

its been especially pleasant to catch up again at these sessions with joe and frank from sedgefield and some of the wigton clan as well as mark and a few old/new students now traing at shambala

Patrick will be returning to zurich in time for his end-july workshop there but the thursday lunch-time training sessions will continue


on tuesday nights -starting now - 7.30pm (except by invitation to the earlier martial arts class at 6.45)

6.45 -7.30 a session of general training first -developing general fitness before moving on to the classical taichi practise at 7.30pm.

Childrens grading was held in october...the kids did extremely well and were all graded according to their progress. they can now look forward to receiving their new belts and grading certificates after school half-term.



The new childrens class is now up and running on mondays. the aim is to create a supportive environment for the younger children in this class whilst enabling the youth class to continue in a more suitably intensive way.

Our new YOUTH CLASS has already stepped up the training level.....the youth classes are on wednesdays from 5.00-6.30 pm. youth now also have extra options: you are welcome to train in the adult class also on fridays from 5.00pm and of course you are very welcome to train also on mondays with the younger kids. dont be put off by the idea of training with all those little ones because if you come we'll make sure its worth your while and that you learn something too!


parents! you are very welcome to practise in the dojo with your children- this will definitely encourage your kids as well as providing a precious opportunity for fun interaction between you...a quality time experience that you can be sure they'll appreciate and treasure as the years pass. i know you'll understand how important this is nowadays when our busy schedules make every minute we can spend with our kids in meaningful interaction and play....priceless.

AND at the same timeyou'll learn self defence and lose a few pounds too (of weight that is!...up to now we dont charge any fee for parents who choose to take us up on this....its such a good thing to do! well done mr hamer and carls dad!

not to mention sensei colin-whose family seem to be about 1/2 the dojo ...and sensei nick and sensei darren whose children make such a welcome addition to the training..(and sempai martin and james...)...bearing in mind that i've been teaching martial arts now for about 40 years - we're already well into our 3rd generation of students...


alternatively-if the training regime still hasnt grabbed you -You can enjoy a well deserved break upstairs in the chilled-out source cafe. Manager Kevin now opens it early especially for parents who can sit, relax , have a coffe perhaps or use the internet while waiting for their children to finish training.


we are proud to see that sensei jim has now joined the ranks of carlisles finest ...if anybody feels like testing his reflexes on bothchergate saturday nights -its not to be advised! He joins our very dear SEMPAI ARNOLD who for many years now has been doing a really good job helping the citizens of carlisle to feel secure and looked after. seriously -they're doing a really important job and i'm sure their confidence ,skills and courtesy will be such a boon for carlisle. we should all feel very proud of them. i certainly do.


thanks for silver for liasing here. we were inundated by a hord of very enthusiastic and well-behaved boy scouts and cubs from dalston in a series of special classes. we all enjoyed it and hope that we'll be cseeing some of these youngsters in our regular classes.


Iinstalled in the dojo by stuart--already proving a useful goju-ryu training aid too.


here are some of the recent grading results:

kathie arthur -adult 7th kyu

silver stanford- adult 8th kyu







great fun! and thanks especially to sara for joining me...a great demo partner! shes got so much talent...

and equally - thanks to holly and emily. there were some really good kids watching the demo - lets hope we see some of them starting in the kids class soon.

any more good demo ideas?

(thanks to david corchoran for that one...)

Taiji News September 2008

Taiji Training with Patrick Kelly
“People came to train with Patrick from all over Europe and as far away as China, which is quite extraordinary."- dan.
Read the news article here: "tai chi masterclass in carlisle"

Taiji News September 2006

Patrick Kelly's 8 day Taiji Training in Carlisle.
"More than 70 Tai Chi enthusiasts from across the globe descended on Carlisle to train with one of the world’s best instructors.." "Patrick is an incredibly generous teacher and holds nothing back." - dan.
Read the Cumberland News article here: "Global interest in Tai Chi master’s Denton Holme date"