For health, wisdom, freedom from stress and contentment

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese Martial Art growing in popularity throughout the world as its benefits become more widely experienced and researched. The flowing pattern of movements whose basic form is easily memorised, leads you as you practise more the movements over time, ever deeper into balance, physical health and emotional equanimity. The immediate benefits - relief of stress and calmness, are very soon apparent.

Tai chi is one of the few physical arts that can be practised equally well by young or old, male or female, and by those who initially are not of a strong physical disposition. This is because the intensity of the practise can be varied to suit the individual.

Some will be fascinated by the intensity of the relaxed power Tai Chi exponents can develop - others will be happy simply to improve their own happiness and physical well-being.

The Northern School of Tai Chi Chuan has several groups practising throughout the north of England - all our instructors have many years experience with both Patrick Kelly and Dan Russell. The school practises the teachings of Master Huang as formulated and taught by Patrick Kelly. Patrick is the only westerner trained intensively by Master Huang, the senior disciple of Ch'en Man Ching who was the main postwar teacher of the Yang style Tai Chi. Master Huang was also a Master of White Crane kungfu. Master Kelly was also guided by recently deceased Master Ma, the most experienced Wu style practitioner at the time. Patrick Kelly visits the School annually for seminars which are attended by students from many countries as well as Britain.

People practise Tai Chi for many different reasons - some are attracted because of the increased fitness and suppleness which they gain - for some, the exercises and practise of the Form relieve stress and promote relaxation. Others find it enables them to begin to change their way of life. Whatever your reason may be, you will meet people from varied backgrounds, who come together for the common goal of training in this ancient Chinese way to health and relaxation.


Click on the link to the right to find an article entitled 'Ocean of Energy - Healing in the Martial Arts' written by Sensei Dan Russell, our School's principal instructor. This article was initially published in the 'Way of the Warrior' martial arts magazine (September 1998 issue).

Click on the link to the right to find an article entitled 'Universality of Breath' written by Sensei Dan Russell. The article was initially published in the July-October 1996 issue of 'Cahoots - Regional Guide to Alternatives' magazine.

Short video clip of Dan demonstrating "elastic pressure etc" in Israel