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Dan Russell

Principal instructor of Dansankan Goju-Ryu dojo, Dan has been training in Martial Arts since 1970. He started practicing Okinawan Goju-Ryu under Master Higaonna in 1989 and met his first Tai Chi teacher in Taiwan in 1981. He met Patrick Kelly in 1996 since which time he has continued to train under Patrick's guidance and over the past ten years they have developed a close friendship. Dan continues to teach regularly in Tai Chi and Goju Ryu (also known as fujien white crane). In 1999 he began to expand his practice with Ju Jitsu and Grappling, which he continues to study in Australia. Dan started Tai Chi and Karate teaching at the Dansankan dojo in the Atlas Works, Carlisle in 1989 - classes have continued since without a break. (Dansankan is at the moment the only full-time professional school in Carlisle with its own fully equipped dojo.)

Dan Russell is also one of the most effective internationally know hypnotherapists and shamanic healers currently practicing in Britain. You can visit the Hypnotherapy Training Centre for more information.

'A Word with Dan Russell'. This biographical article about Dan Russell is a copy of an interview that was recently published in a local Cumbria magazine "Carlisle Living"

The book "Shamanic Encounters - Meetings with Dan Russell" - is essentially a collection of personal accounts of individuals who have articulated their experiences of working with Dan. It is available in our Carlisle office or can be previewed and purchased online at amazon.co.uk or amazon.com.

And here's another first hand perspective of Dan in action - part of one student's video journal documenting his experience of training in the 'mysterious world' of shamanic trance, hypnosis & the martial arts.

You can contact Sensei Dan at the following email address : dansankan@gmail.com

Mark Davis

Mark began training from an early age, initially in 1972 in the art of Judo, before moving on to Shotokan Karate as a teenager. In 1995 he began to train Taiji and Goju Ryu Karate with Dan Russell, and after a couple of years decided to concentrate his training in the art of Taiji. He attends intensive training with Patrick Kelly at least once a year in locations including Sri Lanka, the south of France and across Europe. He has been teaching Taiji independently and on behalf of The Northern School of Taiji Chuan for ten years and now also offers classes in Ashtanga Yoga.

Nic Shaw

Nic started training with Dan Russell in 1991. He contacted Dan when he returned from traveling abroad and was looking for somewhere to live. Dan rented him a flat, and soon Nic realized that it came with added Training! In this way he found himself unexpectedly involved with Karate and Tai Chi, as well as touching on various other disciplines. He has been teaching Goju Ryu for over ten years now at Dansankan Dojo, and has recently started to teach at local schools and colleges.

Lesley Relph

Lesley began training with Dan Russell in 1994 and practiced both Goju Ryu Karate and Taiji initially before focusing her energies on Taiji. She has trained regularly with Patrick Kelly attending all his intensive training workshops in Carlisle. She has been teaching classes for over 50's for ten years and has undertaken specialist training in this area. She runs classes in Northern School of Taiji Chuan and other locations in North Cumbria.

Joe Harte

Joe Harte began training in 1977 in Kung Fu & Kick Boxing and then Jujitsu. In the early 90ís he met and began Taiji training with Dan Russell. Joe now lives in County Durham where he runs Taiji Classes and Kickbox+plus training.

For further details see http://www.communigate.co.uk/ne/taijiquan

Darrin Evans

Darrin started training Goju Ryu under Sensei Dan Russell as a beginner in 1998, at the Dansankan Carlisle Dojo.After training 3 days a week, he gained Sho Dan black belt in 2006. In 2007 he began training in jiu jitsu and also started MMA (mixed martial arts) training, whilst continuing with his first passion of karate - gaining first dan in 2010. Currently CRB checked, first aid certificated and holds a fire marshal qualification. He is a proud father of one son and one daughter.

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