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Hypnotherapy Training Centre, Carlisle.

Patrick Kelly Taiji - Daoist Principles in practice.

www.communigate.co.uk and northernschooloftaijiquan.blogspot.co.uk
Joe Harte - Northern School of Taiji in County Durham.

Northern School of Taiji Carlisle on Facebook

Higaonna Sensei - International Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-do Federation (IOGKF)

Sensei George Andrews - Okinawan Traditional Goju Ryu Karate-do

Dansankan Martial arts on Facebook - Come and say Hello!

Deepmind on Facebook


'Ocean of Energy - Healing in the Martial Arts'
Written by Sensei Dan Russell, our School's principal instructor. This article was initially published in the 'Way of the Warrior' martial arts magazine (September 1998 issue).

'Universality of Breath'
Written by Sensei Dan Russell. The article was initially published in the July-October 1996 issue of 'Cahoots - Regional Guide to Alternatives' magazine.

'A Word With Dan Russell'
This biographical article about Dan Russell is a copy of an entertaining interview that was recently published in a local Cumbria magazine "Carlisle Living"

'Mafia king, vice boss or just plain Dan Russell, the businessman?'
Another biographical article about Dan, published in the Cumberland News, Dec 2010.

'Shamanic Encounters - Meetings with Dan Russell'
This fascinating little book is a collection of personal accounts of healing trance experienced by individuals when working with Dan.

'Oren's video journal '
Another first hand perspective of Dan in action - this time part of one student's video journal documenting his experience of training in the 'mysterious world' of shamanic trance, hypnosis & the martial arts.

'Fortress Training with Sensei Dan'
Another video from Oren : "A bit of Karate, White Crane, and old friends in a Master's Class."

'Live a Healthier Life with Tai Chi'
An interesting article about the physical and emotional benefits of Tai Chi.